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with an eye made quiet
we see into the life of things
Title: And Then
Pairing: Oh, come on, it's me.
Rating: PG(-13?)
Words: Not Enough (ohwell :D)
Summary: by Echizen: Che. Oishi-senpai and Kikumaru-senpai are mada mada dane.
Notes: This is the third in a series of REALLY AWESOME presents for jazzyjello. (first here and second here - go read them!!) Beta by todaythesamesky aka THE GLORIOUS LOVE OF MY LIFE. Thesaurus-ing by war_n_peace. Original idea by onlysayitonce. ILUGUYSOMG!!!!!

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I've been out of town for three weeks, which has been a weird amalgamation of really really fun and positively hellish. But now I'm home, and I just got into bnf_brawl (checkitout - flyingneko *____*).. Anyway! I'm posting with a list of the newest additions to Mellow's PoT Reclist of DOOM, which I'm sure everyone has been ANXIOUSLY AWAITING WITH BATED BREATH. This includes recs from spring_fluff (if I didn't list a fic that you liked/wrote, I probably just missed it somehow :P - leave a comment if you want to make a rec of your own!) The next installment will include rikkai_shorts, along with various other goodfic and whatnot.

That's all for now - Enjoy! ^_^

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I'll plug these into the Big List later, but I thought that I'd best go ahead and post them now, since they're for last week ^_^ Enjoy!

The Entire Reclist

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Happy Saturday, everyone! *throws confetti* I come bearing gifts! Specifically, this week's updates for the reclist! Yesterday I coded them into the reclist (you might know them by the 'New!' tag beside the title/link), and today I present them to you all in convenient shortlist form! *wins* Er. Right, then - enjoy!

The Entire Reclist

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Soooo sira had a 'writer's anonymeme' where people on her flist wrote a few paragraphs of fic or whatever and she tried to guess who it was. Well, she guessed me (on the SECOND try DD: ) and, since I liked the drabble so much, I thought I'd put it up over here, if only so I don't lose it ^^*

But, yeah, dedicated to DA since I wrote it for her, even though. THE OTHER FIC I PROMISED YOU IS COMING. REALLY.


(butbut. ILU? *puppyface*)


Cleanliness is a Virtue, by rancidmelody. G, 272 words.
(I know it's hardly long enough to merit a title but, as a reccer, untitled things bother me ^^*)

Never let it be said that Sanada Genichirou did not keep a clean house.Collapse )

...I wonder if I should change it to present tense? That might be better...

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Sooo Ainsi (war_n_peace)and I were online far, far too late/early last night, and when that happens, things get a little... cracky. Well, last night/morning, this resulted in what may be the GREATEST CRACKFIC IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Or, you know, the weirdest. And let it be a demonstration of why Ainsi and I should NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED in a chat room EVER AGAIN.

ILU, fujikocookie! <3!

So, without further ado...


Title: WTFic
by rancidmelody and war_n_peace
Genre: Prince of Tennis/Harry Potter/EXTREME CRACK
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sanada/Yukimura
Notes: Comments in [these brackets] are out-of-story comments from Ainsi and myself that I couldn't bear to cut ^_^...



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Okay, so. Here's the thing. I read a LOT of fanfiction. And every time I enjoy a bit of fanfiction, I'll save the link, so that I can recommend it to my friends and so forth. But, then these lists of saved links started getting kind of... Brobdingnagian, shall we say? So, out of curiosity, I started counting the links. When I hit 250 with no end in sight, I decided I should probably do something with these. I mean, I might as well help out the Fandom: no one wants to spend their time hunting fic - they want to read it. If I could make that a little easier, why on earth hadn't I already started?

Thus, a reclist was born. Not to say that it was not a long, painful, and sometimes mind-numbingly dull task, and I'm almost certain that I couldn't have done it without the help of war_n_peace and jazzyjello, be it their attention to sort or their time to talk me through periods of extreme frustration. ILU guys! *tear* Also, thanks must be extended to onlysayitonce for her html expertise. Essacookie doesn't even like PoT, but she was willing to sit through my idiotic questions about link anchors and formatting anyway. <3!

Right, anyway. So, I'm going to remind you that this reclist is in it early stages of development. It is fraught with GAPING HOLES in which there are only a few and sometimes NO FICS AT ALL for pairings that are really not all that uncommon. This is because I have a few favorite pairings that completely dominated my earliest days of reading, and so I have a lot more recs for those. I and a few of my volunteer staff (XD) are already working to fill in these gaps as quickly and efficiently as possible - and we're always eager for any suggestions that might occur to you as you browse this already-enormous list. Is the Best Fic In The World absent from our records? Have we missed your Favorite Author? Please, drop a comment at the bottom of this list, or feel free to email or message me. Not only will the reclist benefit, but I've never been one to turn down a good piece of fanfiction!

I suppose you really want to see the reclist, if you've read this far. Well, have at it, then!

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This is the third section of Mellow's PoT Reclist. of DOOM.

Enjoy! ^_^

Part One - Part Two - Directory



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This is the second section of Mellow's PoT Reclist. of DOOM.

Enjoy! ^_^

Part One - Directory - Part Three




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This is the first section of Mellow's PoT Reclist. of DOOM.

Enjoy! ^_^

Directory - Part Two - Part Three





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